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China Camp Instagram Run

After two days of doing nothing but recovering from the weekend, cooking, eating, and nestled in the boat sitting on the computer writing, I felt like a blob. The winds been howling and the row to shore never seems to look inviting. Almost every day for the past year I have been itching to go for a run, but the pain in my feet from plantar fasciitis always serves as an excuse not to. So I tell myself I’ll go for a swim but it’s either cold as hell or the fear of mud monsters scares me. So I sit on my ass. Mañana Mañana I say. Having broken feet really sucks the life out of you.

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Alchemy at anchor in China Camp

Living on a boat can be awesome but if you’re not careful it can also feel like a prision. You have everything you could ask for and its really easy to get super comfortable. A day goes by, then another. Then another. Pretty soon you realize that you haven’t left your little floating fort for a few days. You’ve been busy and productive and happy, but static. A boat is supposed to represent freedom but when you find yourself hunkering down in an area of 300 square feet in complete isolation from everything it can become mentally and physically taxing.

So as the sun was getting low in the sky I said screw this. Broken feet or not, I’m going for a run. I need some endorphins. I braved the row through the the ebb current as it fought the flooding wind, pulled Diva up on the beach and tied her up to a post like you’d tie up a horse. After running up the first hill I realized how out of shape my legs have gotten since I hurt my feet. I used to be able to run ten miles no problem. Hike 250 miles over thirteen mountain passes with 80 pounds on my back. No jogging up a little kicks my ass. No bueno. I’ve got to get this all sorted out. Soon.

Once the endorphins kicked in I felt like a little kid in a playground. The trails in and around China Camp are awesome! On a boat the scenery can get fairly monotonous. Sure every day is different, especially when you’re sailing form place to place, but after a few days in the same familiar spot things tend to look, smell, and feel the same. Water everywhere with a bit of land over there. As you feel the wind start to blow through the companionway hatch and the movement of the boat change from a gentle roll to that of a bucking bronco, you know the current is beginning to ebb. Without even looking outside you know exactly what the scene will look and feel like. The feel of the wind, the texture of the water, the smell in the air, the cloud cover in the sky. It’s all still beautiful, but the same. Predictable.

Running around the trails was a much needed burst of inspiration. The smell of dirt and trees. The feel of gnats in the eyes and up the nose as you run through a buggy area. The surprise of wild turkeys gobbling along and the sight of deer eyeing you cautiously. The beautiful smell of fennel hitting your senses like a freight train.

All of a sudden I was seeing beauty everywhere. Totally rejuvenated. I didn’t have my camera but did have my phone so wile running through the woods and along the coastline I snapped a few pictures and some of them came out kind of rad! I contemplated running back to the boat to get the real camera but decided to just enjoy the moment and retreat back to the boat for a sunset cocktail and guitar session. Tomorrow I promised myself I’d come back out with a sleeping bag and sleep under the stars on the summit of a sweet little knoll by the bay.

So now my feet are killing me but my head is happy. I’ll take it.

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