Recipe for A Joyously Bad Idea

The raft up continued over at Jack London Square for several days after the official raft up from the previous weekend disbanded. When a friend came (we’ll leave names out of this one) at midnight and asked if I’d like to join in on burning his box truck FULL of scrap wood, I couldn’t say no. The wood was beyond salvageable. Total crap with it’s only destiny that of a bonfire. He also had a couple tanks of Gasoline that had gotten water in it. Again, it’s only real use remaining to light stuff on fire. He had scouted out a location on Google Earth that looked to provide adequate stealthiness for constructing a house sized fire that was also clear of any flammable brush. This took us to an area of marsh land near San Francisco Airport. A word of warning, people you meet in the sailing/cruising community can get you involved in some wild adventures. Since I had some fun photos from the evening, I thought I’d share them here. Here’s the basic idea for a really bad idea.


Take one boxtruck FULL of wood


Squish seven people in remaining nooks and crannies in said truck. Use boat fenders and shopping carts as seats. Full tanks of old gasoline as footrests.


Drive to location scouted out via Google Earth. Ideally in the middle of nowhere with no flammable anything nearby. You may or may need special tools to gain access.


Time to stoke your fire. In case of high winds, use pieces of flammable plywood for flame protection.


Make sure you have a good exit strategy in case of detection by authorities.


Once you have your house of cards built, break out the gasoline.


And your cameras… but medium format? Nice! I knew I liked this guy.


Now all there is to do is sit back and enjoy the show as the flames keep you warm at two am.


This is one joyous arsonist


Enjoying the remains of our creation.