Salmon Season has Arrived

Early this afternoon my friend Heather flagged me down as I was rowing into shore on Diva. She went fishing with her kids in the morning and came home with two big beautiful salmon and was trying to rally a dock BBQ party tonight. Score! Totally game. I decided to abandon any attempt at being productive in favor of leading the charge on sushi patrol. It was a tough decision but somebody had to do it.

I wasted no time in rowing back to Alchemy to start a big pot of rice. While I let the rice chill down I rowed back to the local market to pick up some nori sheets, avocado, cucumber, and Asahi. I had wasabi powder and some homemade pickled ginger on board already. So Stoked!

Back ashore at the Galilee Marina things were getting underway. Mike, an old timer fisherman, was giving the kids lessons on filleting the fish while Heather’s son Julius was hamming it up with fish faces for the camera. Beers were being cracked, bottles of wine opened up, and BBQ’s heating up.

The fish was gorgeous. Deep orange flesh with filets wide enough to cover the entire grill. We had a 30 pounder and a 20 pounder to carve up into edible hunks. The kids were already calling dibs on the eyeballs and cheeks.

Once we finished with the prep work I started rolling some gnarly salmon rolls. Just imagine having and endless amount of the freshest fish to stuff into rolls of seaweed stuffed with rice, avocado, and local cucumber. slice it up, top it with a slice of fresh pickled ginger, a dab of wasabi, and a little dunk in soy sauce. I’d top each bite with an extra hunk of raw salmon just because I could. So yeah, just like at a sushi restaurant but way, way radder. I was rolling as fast as I could but each platter of rolls disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The night pretty much went as you may expect. We sat around a BBQ on the dock sharing stories, playing music, stuffing ourselves silly with amazing fish. Life is good.