Internet is still limited but just wanted to throw something up from Greece! Its been an amazing sail so far and the Greek islands are really something incredible. Totally different from any sailing experience I have had so far. The Islands are far apart in both distance and personality, the winds have ranged from zero to 35+ knots so far. I am hoping we dont see the 50-70 knot winds that hit the islands a couple of weeks ago.


Currently I am writing from Íos in the southern Cyclades. So far we have visited Kýthnos, Mýkonos, Sýros, and Dēlos. Tomorrow we head for Santorini before we begin beating into the wind on our return trip North. We are still unsure where the winds will blow us but a good time is sure to be had. Can’t wait to get home and sort through these photos and share some more thoughtful stories. Now it’s time to get lost in the endless maze of narrow alleys in Ios in search of some delicious greek grub. Till next time!