Mama Della Rosa


After an incredible stay in Milano, the time has come to hit the road again. I can’t thank my hosts the Della Rosas enough for being the most gracious and incredible hosts anyone could ask for. Not only did they allow me to stay in their home in Sardegna for two weeks, or crash in their family home in Milano for the past few days, but they have brought me into their family in a way I couldn’t be more grateful for. Part of me wants to stay for a while longer. Another part simply wants to move in. They probably can’t wait to have me and my smelly wounded leg out of their home. I’m getting way too comfortable… and fat.

And when I find myself getting comfortable I take that as a que that its probably time to get a move on. Not to mention its already the 5th! I need to fly out of Italy to Athens on the 9th, that doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for wandering the country. Where the hell does time go?!

In the morning I will catch a train to Riva del Garda, up in Northern Italy near the Southern Alps for a day or two. From there probably hop on another train down to Rome for a couple of days before flying to Athena. There is a 99.3% chance my plan will not go according to plan. I find some comfort in that. I’ll try to keep ya’ll posted when I have some internet!