A bit about this pirate

In as few words as possible: Surfer, sailor, skier, snowboarder, backpacker, photographer, teacher, shipwright, coach, traveler, climber of rocks, lover of life. Now embracing the vagabond sea gypsy lifestyle. I don’t define myself by what I do but how I live. Live simple and deep with honesty and integrity. Smile, laugh, love, learn, explore, and teach.

I live aboard my sailboat. She’s a cozy little home with room enough for two. Just about ready to go for a nice long sail around the world, a game of chasing the horizon in route to warmer waters is probably not too far away. San Francisco is a pretty rad spot though, so for now I’m enjoying exploring every nook and cranny possible… Especially the crannies reached via epic bike rides.

I’m a romantic… and a realist. I make an effort each day to live a little more simply and to enjoy the little things. I like to laugh, especially when things go wrong. I have an adventurous heart. I don’t know what I would do without the mountains and ocean. I need regular doses of sun and salt water to function. Coffee also helps in that regard.

I probably have more fun and live more randomly than anyone you’ve ever met. I love the outdoors. I like to cook, I love to eat. I’m a man of few words, a thinker, and a problem solver. Caring, sensitive, honest, respectful, loyal, and humble. I like to work with my hands, am a perfectionist at times but slowly learning that the term “good enough” has its time and place. My plans are made in Jello. I am a huge fan of the concept of “Island Time.” I have a goofy side, tend to be a bit clumsy at times, and if I were a dog I’d probably be a golden retriever ­čśŤ

Living on a sailboat… If you are wondering what it is like, it is basically upscale camping on the ocean only you feel like you’re in a log cabin. It’s the homiest feeling home I’ve ever lived in. You are encouraged to live simply and in the moment. I love it. Most of my free time is spent working on the boat. It is a lot of work, endless really, but the lifestyle that it makes available to you is the closest I can imagine to true freedom… An opportunity to experience the world for what it really is while contributing whatever is is you have to give in exchange. And perhaps more importantly, learn about yourself – discovering who you really are outside of the paradigm created by our society.

If it’s not obvious yet, travel is important to me. Immersing myself in other cultures with the opportunity to learn is when I feel most alive and at home. Developing a new paradigm based on first hand experience, a better understanding of what the REAL world is like. Experience the beauty, suffering, serenity, majesty, joy, corruption, and pain. Develop an understanding of what is right and what is wrong (all relative I know) so that I can have a better understanding of how to best utilize my skills, passions, and abilities to make a positive impact in this world.

And if this sounds like a bunch of self-righteous crap to you, I’m not going to lie… the lure of surfing warm empty waves in the South Pacific and skiing powder in New Zealand and Alaska is definitely a draw. My boards are packed. Some fun needs to be had. Do I want to live on a sailboat forever? No, probably not. I have to admit the idea of “settling down” on a farm on the coastal hills of New Zealand with horses, dogs, kids, and chickens has a certain appeal. I like the smell of dirt and horse shit.

Oh. And my name is Geoff.

About this blog

To be honest, I have no idea in what direction this blog will go. Hell, I don’t even know which direction I’m heading next. That’s kind of why I’m writing this… to force me to give this website at least a hint of focus and direction. A few months ago I bumped into a friend at a marina potluck. This was shortly after I started doing charters in San Francisco and she mentioned “It’s perfect. Sailing, food, adventure, photography. It’s totally you!” ┬áDid she really just sum up the core things that make me tick that simply? I’d been struggling to figure that out for years but always over complicate things. So in short, thats what this blog will be about: Sailing, adventure, food, and photography… All mashed up into one eccentric life. Delving a bit deeper into that (read: overcomplicating), In the wee hours of one foggy, windy morning I sketched out five things I would like this blog to ultimately become and/or accomplish.

Create a global photographic portrait of the world – When I stumbled across the website of photographer Paul Leibhardt, I was blown away. Not just at the photography but at the manner in which it was compiled to create a global portrait of humanity as seen through his eyes. It’s a work of art. Inspired by his work, I’ve tried to set this blog up in a way that will encourage me to create thoughtful photographs and present them in a way that will tell a story while opening the eyes of the viewer to another world.

Introduce you to an alternate lifestyle – Living on a sailboat is a fascinating way to live. After four years of living aboard full time and having sailed for twenty years, I’m still figuring this whole thing out… and I don’t foresee this changing anytime soon! So yeah, I suppose a chunk of this website will be a lifestyle blog. A solar powered, fish catching, wave finding, mountain climbing, lifestyle blog.

A journey of self discovery – When I bought the boat four years ago I wasn’t too fond of the name Alchemy. It has since grown on me though. Upon having read the Alchemist at the suggestion of a friend, you might even say that it was destiny. If you haven’t read the book yet, go pick up a copy. I promise not to post too many whiny posts every time my feelings get hurt, but I want to give you a glimpse into this life with integrity and honesty. That being said, a┬ácentral theme to this blog will be my personal voyage of alchemy in the philosophical sense.

Educate┬á– Teaching is a huge part of who I am. I’m not sure exactly what direction this will go and I’m cool with that. It could be cooking, could be photography. Or It could be how to take pictures of your food as your ship gets tossed about in a gale. I’m working on some cruising guides and how to articles for learning how to sail around the world. We’ll see. Either way, it’ll be fun and we’ll all surely learn a thing or two.

Inspire – Inspiration is a powerful thing. When I find myself lacking in inspiration, life can seem dull, mundane, and even purposeless. But when inspiration strikes, life gains clarity and incredible things happen. I hope that in one way or another this blog can give you that little bit of inspiration when you need it.

A few pictures of me doing my thing


Catalina as an innocent little grom. Apparently there was never any hope.


Now I’m evading the authorities disguised as grizzly adams


When I’m not pretending like I know how to cook.


I have a tendency to have a pretty miserable time.

20111127-_16L6815 (1)

Especially in times of BOAT PROJECT MADNESS!


Ahh. My happy place. Cooking oats while perched on a summit along the John Muir Trail.


…and my other happy place. Give me water or give me dirt.


Rockin’ the stache. Havin’ some fun.


Checked this one off the ol bucket list. See what you’re getting involved with?